Chainmail Footbag - Metallic Grey / Teal / Yellow Chainmail Footbag - Metallic Grey / Teal / Yellow

Chainmail Black / Red / Yellow

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A chainmail footbag is perfect when you need something a little more heavy duty for your kicking. This footbag (or hacky sack) is made from a unique combination of metal and rubber rings. Each one is handmade in the USA and is our unique design. No filling, just a bunch of perfectly interlocked rings give this bag the perfect combination of pop and stall.
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Had one of these years ago, lost it bc a hole in pocket!

So glad to have another one of these again... right out the bag the pop is like a bouncy ball but I remember it will still take a couple hits until its broken in. Love these because you don't really have to worry about where its gonna land,washing, it or tearing it, can be played in the rain or the snow. With summer coming to an end I find myself skateboarding less and less and hacking more and more!

United States United States
Dragonfly Footbags Chainmail Footbag - Metallic Grey / Teal / Yellow Review
Glad to have a chainmail hack again

The Dragonfly popped off right away but I was able to re-attach it for good. In this same order though, my other footbag did come with a hole in it, But I believe I will be having a replacement sent out soon and just want to say thanks! I still have a Yellow and Black Mini Sand that I've had for at least 5 or 6 years, you can faintly see the logo. Practicing with a mini deff helps me hitting all other footbags haha, kinda like playing stickball vs baseball

Zeric F.
United States United States