Not Sure Which Footbag to Buy?

Finding the perfect bag for you isn't hard. Here is a quick guide that will help you find the perfect footbag.

1. Find Your Kicking Style, Grasshopper

Ummm….uhhh…..hold on…..I'm a staller.
If you love the feeling of that bag sitting on your foot…you are a staller. Who knew footbag descriptions could be so spicy eh?

Filling Recommendations: Choose sand or metal filling.
The sand or metal filling gives the bag extra weight and causes it to sit on your foot much easier than a plastic filled footbag.

Panel Recommendations: Choose a bag with less panels (6-32).
The big panels create a larger flat surface area that will be landing on your foot. The larger flat surface area reduces the amount of roll. A 92 or 120 panel bag will roll off your foot really easily. We only make sand bags up to 32 panels, anything more than that and the bags leak waaay too much sand.

I Love My Pop, Baby!
If your goal is getting 50 more kicks then Pedro next door, you need a bag that kicks straight and true every time.

Filling Recommendations: Choose plastic. Metal is good if you want a bit more stallability.
Plastic filled Footbags are usually a bit fuller and therefore keep a rounder shape while in play. This rounder shape makes the bag much easier to kick straight up. That consistent pop will make sure your records stay nice and high.

Panel Recommendations: Higher panel count. 32+
More panels keeps the bag rounder and firmer. Like we said before, a rounder bag kicks more consistently every time.

Our highly recommended bags (and music) for you poppers:

Check out the Freestyle section, a ton of great bags for freestyle and circle play.

2. Where do you usually play?

The location you play can seriously affect the life of your footbag.

If you frequently play outside on dirt and concrete, you want a tough Synthetic Suede footbag that can withstand the beatings you are going to give it.

If you play inside on your mom's floor…ok fine, I'll rephrase that… if you play inside on "your" floors, you may want to consider a Dragonfly ProSeries facile footbag. Facile is a thinner fabric that breaks in great but needs more TLC (Tender Loving Care for all you internet-phobes). Keep in mind that facile costs quite a bit more then synthetic suede. Dragonfly is the only manufacturer who makes a full line of Facile Footbags that are ready to ship right now.

If you frequently kick in a circle…hmmm…if that sentence wasn't in a footbag article it would have a completely different meaning. Anyways, if circle-kickin' is your credo, don't let those other guys do toe pick-ups with your footbag. It's your footbag man! Speak up and let 'em know you won't take it anymore! No more toe pick-ups with my bag!

So there ya' go. A guide to picking the perfect footbag. The rest is up to you...