Amber 8 Panel Metal Filled Footbag Amber 8 Panel Metal Filled Footbag

Amber 8 Metal Fill

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  • Weight: 84 grams
  • Fill Type: Metal
  • Panels: 8

Limited Release - Created by Brogan Johnson, winner of the Design A Footbag Contest!

From the creator: I have always loved the Dragonfly Footbag logo, and I have a huge fascination with fossils. So I thought I would try to marry the two together by designing a footbag that looks like it could be fossilized amber, with a Dragonfly inclusion suspended within it. Hence the name, The Amber. Of course I had to go with all metal fill (only because amber fill wasn’t an option)

About the bag: 8 panels, 75 grams metal filling, thick and durable sythetic suede fabric, and carefully hand-stitched awesome yellow-amber panels. It's a great bag for stalling and doing some tricks on your own. The metal ensures stallability and complete awesomeness.